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Care for your pelvic floor

Enjoy your pregnancy more, have a safer delivery and tone your pelvic floor with just 20 minutes of exercise a day.

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Do you know what is the perfect breathing?

Do you know how to take care of your pelvic floor?

Do you know how to avoid gaining a few extra kilos?

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Here's what mothers who prepare for childbirth with us achieve

What do our Singular Mommies think?


"I recommend it 100%, it is a course in which they give you everything you need to be prepared for the day of your birth, but above all you feel accompanied by the great team they have. They solve your doubts, answer your queries, they are lovely. They are always there for you. I love them!

Casandra Anes
100% recommended.

"I am a person who is used to doing quite intense exercise, and I was surprised that the harder exercises had a level of demand that I liked. I could also see that my back improved with the stretching and relaxation".

María Pavón
Levels that suit you.

I found it by chance and I liked it, but now that I'm doing the course I really love it, I feel much better with the exercises and I don't feel lazy to do them! They also talk about various very interesting things on the social networks and if you have any problems or doubts, they solve them immediately, wonderful.

Sara Huidobro
They solve your questions quickly.

My experience with Singularmom is 200% recommendable.

In addition to having a lot of material to watch, they do several live shows to answer questions and help throughout the pregnancy.

Whenever it has come up

I have also contacted them by email and they have answered me quickly.

Given the current situation, it is reassuring to have a team of professionals from different fields to advise me.

I'm 35 weeks and thanks to SingularMom I'm more sure of what I'm going to go through when it's time to give birth.

Isabel Sánchez
Always in company.

Complete and up to date preparation for childbirth, with good professionals behind it who help you and resolve doubts!

Ruth López
Complete and up-to-date.

They solve all your doubts and you immediately notice improvement with their classes, I recommend it!
Close contact 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

Ana Calavia
Close contact

I am delighted with the childbirth preparation course. Exercises, tools for childbirth, zoom sessions to resolve doubts. I cheer you all on!

Vanessa Vidal

Very happy with the course, as you can do the exercises from home and they give you advice on any questions you may have.

Karen Blue
From home and no problem.

A fabulous childbirth preparation course with qualified and up-to-date professionals. I recommend it 100%.

María Pérez-Fadón
Qualified and up-to-date.

I couldn't be more grateful. Thanks to the work I did with Maria, my deliveries were quick, controlled and safe. I knew what to do at all times.

Eva Spinoglio
Deeply grateful.


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